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Business Central AppSource transactability

AppSource transactability has now finally arrived for Business Central apps!

The introduction of transactability for Business Central apps on AppSource is a significant development. It means that users and businesses can now more easily purchase and manage apps that enhance their Business Central experience.

How does an App with transactability look on AppSource?

Section “Plans+Pricing” is shown on AppSource.

In that section, you could see pricing plans for the App.

In order to install App the user will have to purchase at least 1 license, even if it is Free Plan license.

When you click “Buy now”:


You can select which pricing plan you would like to buy, does that pricing plan has Monthly or Annual billing plans, and if the plan has 1-month free trial.

With Recurring billing, your license can be renewed always, and with paying annually it is most likely that you will get some discount instead of paying per month.